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Be careful! Hair loss from wrong dieting

Looking after your health is always a good thing and should be done, however, a lot of people often misinterpret it as taking care of their health is to lose excess weight which they sometimes forget to think of the consequence of wrong dieting until they get some side effects such as hair loss. But how does dieting followed by hair loss? Today we have all the answers with the tips on how to lose weight safely to share to you.

What causes losing weight followed by hair loss?

On average, our hair can fall up to 100 hair strands per day and it can be even more up to 200 hair strands per day on a day of washing. Normally if compared hair to a tree, our body is like soil that’s filled with lots of nutrients flowing in the blood vessel. Therefore, when you’re trying to lose weight in the wrong way by limiting your food intake until your body lacks nutrition which most of the time are protein, vitamins, and all the important minerals intake that’s lacking. This causes nutrients to be short for nourishing the hair roots and hair, resulting in easy hair breakages, if leaving this problem for too long, it will also cause hair loss and hair thinning or even balding eventually.

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Wrong way of losing weight and the cause of hair loss

Losing weight by limiting your food intake causes hair loss

Many people misunderstand the concept of weight loss into starving themselves or reducing the food intake so the body would receive less calories, therefore, it will help losing weight faster. However, if you starve yourself too much then your body will get insufficient nutrients causing the internal system to not work fully. As a result, hair that also needs nutrients from the body does not grow properly. It also makes the roots of the hair weak, causing hair loss to a great extent when losing weight.

Rapid Weight Loss

When we see someone lose weight fast we tend to feel admiration and think that this is real success. However, if you look back in reality with rapid weight loss, nutrients stored by the body are also lost causing the body to lose muscle mass and hair loss of essential nutrients quickly. This negatively affects the metabolic rate and, whenever you decide to resume a normal diet, it will cause a yo-yo effect that often ends up making you gain more weight than before the weight loss began.

Weight Loss Surgery

Surgery for weight loss is performed by a doctor with a certain degree of safety and quick results, but the body’s internal systems still work the same, it is because surgery is to remove fat without tightening or exercise is being done, it causes the body to lose nutrients like other methods of losing weight. Therefore, it’ll also cause hair roots to lack essential nutrients, causing hair loss and thinning hair as well.

Tips on Losing Weight Safely with no Hair Loss

Consume Properly Diet

In weight loss, 80% of the factors that will make weight loss successful are diet control, no matter how hard you exercise, if you still eat unhealthy or insufficient food to not meet the body needs. You will still gain weight without realising it. Therefore, eating food from all 5 food groups, perhaps adding vitamins that are beneficial to the hair, such as zinc and biotin, can make this diet possibly the last in your life and you will also see sustainable results, with a bonus as a beautiful hair far away from having hair loss and thinning hair too.

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Get Your Exercise in Regularly

Exercising regularly not only increases muscle mass which is like a fat burner in the body, but also makes the body toned and reduces the chance of having the yo-yo effect as well. In addition, this method is a sustainable weight loss and helps to keep the body healthy and far away from many diseases that may occur.

Get Enough Rest   

Did you know that getting enough rest affects weight loss more than you think? Because if the body lacks rest, it will stimulate the production of Ghrelin hormones that make us more hungry and reduce the Leptin hormones that make us full and also affect the blood sugar levels, making it difficult to lose weight.

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Summary of Hair loss from Wrong Dieting

Lose weight, if we do it the wrong way, it can contribute to hair loss, hair thinning, that is because the body loses nutrients that are essential to the body’s functioning. Losing weight the wrong ways, including dieting by starving yourself, rapid weight loss and weight loss surgery but the safer and sustainable methods are simple ones which are consume properly diet, exercise regulary and get enough rest.

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