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About us​

We are a brand which has been born into mother nature. It's time to create a new feeling.​

kemist on hand

Chemistry is all around us

And that's how our journey begins

Many people mistakenly believe that chemistry is synthetic and harmful to the human body. However, chemistry and nature go hand-in-hand because nature arises mainly from biological and chemistry principles. A combination of elements forms everything around us; for example, water comprises two hydrogens and one oxygen. Everyone knows food we have every day contains protein, carb, fat, etc.; few people know that these are made up of organic chemicals primarily composed of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen. So we can see that chemistry is all around us and is closer to us than we think. This was the beginning of the Kemist brand, which believed that nature and science could be together for the better.

kemist meeting
kemist meeting

Magic happens when we think outside the box

Made by nature, revitalized by science

All Kemist products are created with a blend of natural extracts and science to bring out the power of nature as much as possible and elevate its potential to the next level of hair and scalp nourishment by a research and development team consisting of hair surgeon and dermatologist, pharmacologist, cosmetic pathologist, backed with clinical trials and many pieces of research.

Design is well-thought for an excellent experience

Elegance comes with practical functions

Not only are our exclusive ingredients hand-picked from all over the world, but also the packaging design that feels right in your hand while minimizing the chance of contamination. The package is designed to be able to control the amount you want to use more easily for maximum efficiency so that you can use Kemist products longer than ever.

kemist labs

Our incredible team are here for you

Kemist team

Pris Tima

Managing Director

"As our background is in the medical field, we won't judge if the product is good by feeling but by something concrete like scientific proof. That's what Kemist is made."

Kemist team

Prima Tossaborvorn

Research & Development

"My ten-year experiences in dermatology and hair transplant are values delivered to customers through all Kemist products."

Kemist team

Manamon Tima

Research & Development

"Kemist is like a scientist who loves nature and is ready to take care of your hair with the knowledge that combines both fields of science."

kemist team

Kevalee Sriutaisuk

Research & Development

"Nature is science, after all. However, it is technology and innovation that excels nature to a whole new level."

Kemist team

Tatcharee Lertkitcha

Head of Design

"A good package design helps deliver an excellent experience to the consumers, including keeping the product's quality last longer."

Very impressive! After three months of continuous use, hair loss is noticeably reduced. The oily scalp is also reduced. It is a worthwhile product, and I definitely recommend it.
My hair is so thicker that everyone asked me what I did. I can say that now I am confident in any hairstyle and not afraid of my hair looking thin.