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Because we believe that quality hair and scalp products don’t have to come from nature alone, but we can also use the power of science to enhance the full potential of natural extracts. To a new dimension of nourishment so that you can have thicker and stronger hair again.

Kemist is, therefore, a brand that combines the power of science and nature under the concept “Made by nature, revitalized by science”, powered by a research and development team specializing in hair and skin. Boost your confidence with clinical trials and various researches to pass on the value of over ten years of experience to Kemist products that you deserve.

Kemist ingredients
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Plant-based products

Up to seven active ingredients are plant-based to keep your hair and scalp healthy without harming animals.

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Scientific-backed formulas

Carefully selected ingredients based on research invented and developed by pharmacologists and cosmetic medicine practitioners.

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I am a person with fine straight hair, sometimes when I look in the mirror and I feel that the part of my hair is getting thinner, I need a helper to solve thinning hair problem. I highly recommend KEMIST because its properties help reduce hair loss, inflammation, and excess oil on the scalp. It is also very easy to use, not sticky, and has clinical research to support it.

Thunyatorn Viwatdecha
Producer and Freelance Actor

I’ve been using this serum for a while now and it’s great! My hair loss is a lot less and my scalp is less oily. With 10 types of extracts that are imported from abroad, and they also have research to support it. I really recommend it as I like it very much.

Anongnart Yusananda

Light fragrance, not pungent, not sticky, very easy to use. As for the quality and extracts invented by scientists, dermatologists, and cosmetic scientists. I can say that I’m very confident with this product.

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