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Sleeping with Wet Hair Be Careful of Hair Loss Problem

If you are the person who likes to sleep with wet hair, which has more negative effects than you think. Today, KEMIST has some tips to prevent hair loss from sleeping when your hair is wet to share.


Be careful! Hair loss from wrong dieting

How does dieting followed by hair loss? Today we have all the answers with the tips on how to lose weight safely to share to you.


KEMIST hair growth serum for healthy scalp and hair

KEMIST, a hair growth serum that selects special ingredients from all over the world with a research to support the product so that every drop of the serum is the most effective.

ผมร่วงวันละกี่เส้น Kemist article

How many hairfall a day?

Has anyone encountered a problem with a lot of hair loss? Wherever you walk, you will see hair loss all over the floor. How many strands of hair can a person lose per day? What is the cause of hair loss? And how can there be a way to prevent hair loss? Let’s find out!


How often should we wash our hair? Let’s solve this.

When talking about taking care of your scalp and hair to be healthy, besides choosing quality products that are suitable for your scalp. Did you know that the frequency of washing your hair also affects the health of your scalp? Especially in Thailand with hot and humid weather, washing your hair every day seems normal but, the fact is when we wash our hair often, the scalp will produce more oil than usual.


What product should be used for hair loss/thinning hair?

Hair loss and thinning hair are hair problems that not only reduce confidence but also reduce many chances in life as well. So what causes hair loss and thinning hair? And what are some ways to treat the symptoms? Let’s find that out!