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นอนตอนผมเปียก ระวัง! ปัญหาผมร่วงตามมา

Sleeping with Wet Hair Be Careful of Hair Loss Problem

If you are the person who likes to sleep with wet hair, which has more negative effects than you think. Today, KEMIST has some tips to prevent hair loss from sleeping when your hair is wet to share.


Be careful! Hair loss from wrong dieting

How does dieting followed by hair loss? Today we have all the answers with the tips on how to lose weight safely to share to you.

5 วิธีลดปัญหาหนังศีรษะมันให้อยู่หมัด

5 methods to reduce oily hair and scalp problems to stay under control

The problem of oily hair and oily scalp is such problems that are very annoying, especially in a country with hot weather for almost three seasons like this making the oiliness even worse and sometimes it may affect the personality and cause us to lose confidence. Today we have 5 methods to reduce oily hair and oily scalp effectively that will restore your confidence back quickly.

5 ทรงผมยอดฮิต สำหรับผู้ชายผมบาง หล่อเท่เต็ม 10 ไม่มีหัก

5 popular hairstyles for men with thinning hair

Thinning hair and wide foreheads are something that every man must be concerned about because it not only makes the face look older, but also reduces the confidence even more for men with thinning hair, hair loss, wide forehead, or receding patterns until it is in an M shape. Whether it’s because of heredity, stress, […]


KEMIST hair growth serum for healthy scalp and hair

KEMIST, a hair growth serum that selects special ingredients from all over the world with a research to support the product so that every drop of the serum is the most effective.

Kemist เคล็ดลับบอกลาปัญหาผมบาง

10 tips to say goodbye to thinning hair and restore your hair to be thicker and healthier

The more advanced level of hair loss is the hair loss that is so severe that it develops into thinning hair, which is a problem that affects the confidence of us very much and sometimes the problem of thinning hair can also lead to loose opportunities in life unfortunately. Wouldn’t it be better if we could restore thinning hair to become thicker and healthier again with these tips?