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10 tips to say goodbye to thinning hair and restore your hair to be thicker and healthier

The more advanced level of hair loss is the hair loss that is so severe that it develops into thinning hair, which is a problem that affects the confidence of us very much and sometimes the problem of thinning hair can also lead to loose opportunities in life unfortunately. Wouldn’t it be better if we could restore thinning hair to become thicker and healthier again with these tips?

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What is the cause of thinning hair?

Hair loss can occur for many different reasons, from the behavior we treat the hair, from the pollution around us, or from internal health problems that indirectly affect the hair. The cause of thinning hair can be divided into 2 major factors as follows:

Hair thinning from external factors

External factors can be from our own behavior such as washing your hair wrongly, dyeing your hair with chemicals, and from environmental pollution that can cause your hair to become thin. It also includes taking certain medications, whether to maintain or balance things within the body, such as oral contraceptives, hormone therapy, chemotherapy drugs used to treat cancer, etc.

Hair thinning from internal factors

For internal factors, most of them are caused by inherited thinning hair. This is about the hormone DHT that comes from the hormone Testosterone that makes hair thin. In some cases, it may be due to stress or postpartum thinning related to sudden hormonal changes. There is also a cause of various diseases. that directly affects the hair such as alopecia areata or fungus on the scalp that can cause hair loss in specific spots and thin circles. There are also immune-mediated diseases that can lead to thinning hair, such as SLE, hyperthyroidism, or blood-related diseases, etc.

thinning hair

10 tips to say goodbye to thinning hair

1. Be at peace and reduce stress

Stress is another problem that affects hair, so keeping your mind clear is the right way to maintain good health for both your hair and your body. It also helps to reduce various diseases caused by stress, such as trichotillomania, etc.

2. Consume all 5 food groups

Good health is another important factor while consuming enough food to meet the needs of the body will make the hair healthy as well, but if we are malnourished, it may cause the hair not to receive enough nutrients to nourish and it will cause hair loss which is the main cause of thinning hair as well.

Consume all 5 food groups

3. Pay attention to hair care a little more

Whether it’s washing your hair the right way, combing your hair properly, choosing the right product for your hair, getting regular treatments, or even avoiding tying your hair tightly, or combing your hair vigorously, these things are all about caring for your hair because if your are too harsh on your hair, or don’t care about the hair, your hair is ready to say goodbye to you at any time.

4. Get an annual health check

Although the health check doesn’t seem to have anything to do with hair problems, what if the health check reveals some diseases that may affect our hair? In addition to preventing premature hair thinning, it’s also good to treat it early without worrying about the disease progressing.

5. Reduce the use of heat and chemicals with your hair

Both the heat and the chemicals we use in styling the hair can destroy the keratin structure in your hair. It makes your hair weak, fragile, has split ends, and breaks easily. If you can give your hair some rest, it will be more beneficial for your hair.

Reduce the use of heat and chemicals with your hair

6. Use a serum to nourish the scalp and hair

Untreated hair is like an unfertilized plant, therefore to nourish your hair with a serum like Kemist Botanical-derived Scalp Serum that is packed with extracts of red clover, pea sprout, and many other plants. It also contains extracts from sea plankton that help reduce oiliness, reduce inflammation of the scalp, reduce hair loss, and balance the blood circulation of the scalp. It makes both the scalp and hair healthier because it has been restored deeply at the hair cellular level. It helps the hair that used to be thin to become strong and look naturally thicker as well.

hair serum

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7. Take hair loss medication

There are 2 medicines for hair loss treatment on the market right now: Finasteride, popularly used in males because it can act to reduce the production of the hormone DHT which this medicine tackles the root cause of hair loss and hair thinning, and Minoxidil, which is popularly used in females, and is effective in solving general hair loss but it’s not a specific medicine type for hair loss like Finasteride. However, before using any medication, you should consult a medical professional first, as each medicine has different side effects and it can be dangerous if the medicine is used for the wrong type and purpose.

8. Thinning hair problem solved by PRP

PRP or Platelet Rich Plasma is injecting the patient’s platelet concentration into the scalp. These platelets are the patient’s own blood that has been separated from the platelets. In these platelets, there will be proteins and growth factors that we will inject back into the scalp to stimulate the hair to be stronger, slowing down hair loss, like a food supplement for hair.

9. LLLT laser treatment

LLLT stands for Low Level Laser Therapy is a low intensity light therapy that when it is projected onto the scalp, it absorbs energy and stimulates cells to work better. As a result, there are more nutrients to nourish the hair, making new hair grow better, less hair loss, plus fuller and thicker hair.

10. Hair transplantation

However, if all the above 9 items still don’t make your hair thinning better, a permanent hair transplant is a good choice. Therefore, if you are interested in getting a hair transplant, it is best to see a doctor early when there are still enough hair roots and hair resources.


Thinning hair is caused by 2 main factors that are external factors from washing your hair wrongly, chemical dyeing, environmental pollution as well as taking certain medications to maintain or balance things within the body, and internal factors such as stress, sudden hormonal changes, various diseases. All of them can be treated with behavior modification, taking medicines for hair thinning, using hair serums, as well as treatment by a doctor.