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KEMIST scalp serum reviews from real customers

Are you hesitant to start using KEMIST Scalp Serum? Check out our real customer reviews here and start taking care of your hair!

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kemist hair serum review
kemist hair serum review
kemist hair serum review
kemist hair serum review
kemist hair serum review
kemist hair serum review
kemist hair serum review

Reviews from real customers

The oiliness has reduced significantly. Hair fall is also much less. It gives me a lot of confidence in styling my hair.

There are actually small hairs growing and it feels fuller. Eventhough hairs haven’t obviously grown longer yet, this is already a good sign though. With a good texture of the serum, makes me want to keep using it continuously for a long time.

I have oily hair and severe hair fall. I’ve wanted to consult with a doctor but I haven’t got time until I’ve found this serum! It helps to reduce oiliness and hairfall and it’s very easy to use. It doesn’t have a strong smell and most importantly really handy for use.

I style my hair every single day with a dryer and hair spray and I started feeling like I have a lot more hair fall than before. After using KEMIST continuously I can really feel that my hair is stronger and I have less hair loss.

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Very impressive! After regularly using it for 3 months, my hair falls noticeably less and the oily scalp is also reduced. It is a worthwhile product and should be spread by word of mouth.
I had a severe hairloss before but now my hair has become thicker again, and my confidence has also returned that everyone asked me what I had done. Now I can be confident in any hair style and I won’t have to be afraid that my hair will look thin.
I’ve been using KEMIST serum for a while now and I feel that my hair is not as oily and also the hair fall has been reduced. The serum smells good and it’s also not sticky. I will definitely keep using this!
The serum is lightweight, not sticky, and has a nice scent. I've been using it for the second month. The amount of hair loss has clearly reduced. The packaging is beautiful. I will definitely continue to use it.
Tanawat Pratyaroongroj
Project Manager
The package is beautifully designed and very good, after using it all up, my hair falls less and has more volume. The most important thing is that there is no allergic reaction. It helps increase my confidence when leaving the house every day.
Beautiful package, easy-to-use product, easy to apply, light scent, I use it twice a day, morning and night. The product is easy to assemble. At first, I thought it would be difficult. I'll keep using it continuously.
Surayos Chuenbun
Investment Advisor
Since using this serum on my hair I feel that KEMIST is the first and only brand that really makes my hair fall less. I can feel it from the first week. It's noticeable when I wash my hair every morning, the hair that falls out will gradually decrease. I feel that the part in the middle is not as thin as before. I don't have oily hair during the day too. I like it so much that I dare to recommend it to my friends.
I saw people reviewing KEMIST in Pantip so I bought it and used it. The first impression that I use is that the texture of the serum is very light, absorbs quickly, and is not sticky at all. It doesn't make my scalp oily and personally, I feel that my hair loss has decreased which I noticed from less hair falling on the floor. I am not disappointed at all that I decided to give it a try and buy this serum. I think I will continue to use it for sure.
Kunthida Tienpaisan
Marketing Officer

How much does KEMIST cost and where to get it?

KEMIST SCALP SERUM is 2,400 baht/box.
*In one box contains 6 bottles and can be used up to 1.5 – 2 months depending on a person.