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คุณผู้ชายห้ามพลาด สีผมไหนมาแรงในปี 2022

You every men don’t miss out! Which hair color is hot in 2022?

It’s already new year! Any one of you hot men want to change your look or style, raise your hand up? Kemist Labs has tips for choosing hair colors to match your style, including what hair color trends are coming in 2022.

Chocolate Brown

Chocolate Brown
Credit: www.haircutinspiration.com

For those who are tired of black hair but don’t want to color the hair that looks too flashy, I recommend dark brown, which is a polite color that goes with every occasion. The color may seem simple, but once it hits the sun, you’re guaranteed to stand out. Dark brown hair will make your face look brighter and it suits all skin tones as well.

Platinum Blonde

Platinum Blonde
Credit: www.fauvertprofessionnel.fr

Bright hair color that stands out from afar! Any of you who wants to change the look not to look boring, I recommend to go for this white with silver sparkles. You will look handsome and cool until people turn their heads around to look at you for sure.

Copper Red

Copper Red
Credit: www.cosmopolitan.com

As for the red-toned hair color in 2022, it’s still a popular color. Copper Red is a color that has a slightly brick-orange copper tone. I’m going to say this that when you boys with honey-toned skin dye your hair in this color, the colour will brighten up your skin tone to look even cooler.  

High Contrast Color

High Contrast Color
Credit: www.musicmundial.com

It is a dark hair dye and light highlights like blonde, ash gray, making your hair color look extraordinary. You can see that many Korean idols are turning to this hair color. So who wants to look hot like a Korean idol, don’t miss doing High Contrast Color!

Ash Brown

Ash Brown
Credit: beauty.hotpepper.jp

For those who do not want to make your hair color too flashy, but want to have some color, not too dark, not too light, I recommend ash brown color. It makes the hair look more dimensional, enhancing the look to look good, soft, but still cool. It also helps to make the face look brighter as well.

Tips for choosing the hair color to suit yourself best

It’s fact that each individual men have different jobs and lifestyles therefore choosing a hair color is something that should not be overlooked because it enhances the personality to look good with a confidence.

  • Young office workers who have to attend important meetings or even parties. A natural or dark brown hair dye is a great option that reflects your tastes and is a gentle yet not too flashy color.
  • All the men fashion lovers who like to dress up, dyeing your hair in bright tones like Platinum Blonde or white with silver sparkles will make your personality stand out even more. Also makes it fun to dress up and look creative, which will will be quite interesting.
  • College students are at the age that they can live their lives quite freely including dyeing their hair, so they can dye their hair in whatever color they like, just not affecting daily life.

When choosing a hair color that suits you, it is important to take care of your hair after dyeing to help it look shiny and healthy, especially choosing hair and scalp care products that are suitable for your hair type.

Kemist Labs Botanical Derived Scalp Serum

is another good alternative packed with natural extracts like red clover and Zinc PCA, which is an innovation from France. These 2 active ingredients also inhibit enzymes 5-α-reductase that is one of the causes of the production of the hormone DHT that causes hair loss and thinning.

There are also pea sprout and many other plants and with extracts from marine plankton that helps restore hair deeply to the cellular level. It also helps to reduce shedding, strengthen hair roots, rejuvenate and make the hair look thicker naturally as well. Moreover this serum, not only reduce oiliness, but it even helps to reduce inflammation, balance the blood circulation of the scalp to make both your hair roots and scalp strong together with the hair color that will stand out at the same time.