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5 วิธีลดปัญหาหนังศีรษะมันให้อยู่หมัด

5 methods to reduce oily hair and scalp problems to stay under control

The problem of oily hair and oily scalp is such problems that are very annoying, especially in a country with hot weather for almost three seasons like this making the oiliness even worse and sometimes it may affect the personality and cause us to lose confidence. Today we have 5 methods to reduce oily hair and oily scalp effectively that will restore your confidence back quickly.

คุณผู้ชายห้ามพลาด สีผมไหนมาแรงในปี 2022

You every men don’t miss out! Which hair color is hot in 2022?

It’s already new year! Any one of you hot men want to change your look or style, raise your hand up? Kemist Labs has tips for choosing hair colors to match your style, including what hair color trends are coming in 2022.


Easy at-home recipes for making hair soft and beautiful

Dry, damaged, frizzy hair is a problem that bothers many people. It makes it more difficult to style than leaving the house, each time takes forever. So what actually are the causes of hair loss? Let’s find that out!

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Tips to protect your hair from the sun.

No matter what season, Thailand is still hot and sunny all the time plus we were born as ordinary people, not cactus. Therefore, exposure to too much sunlight will cause the skin to burn and darken. It also makes our hair dry and damaged, risking hair loss too. Today I have 5 simple tips for protecting the hair from the sunlight to share.