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Easy at-home recipes for making hair soft and beautiful

Dry, damaged, frizzy hair is a problem that bothers many people. It makes it more difficult to style than leaving the house, each time takes forever. So what actually are the causes of hair loss? Let’s find that out!

Hair damaged from using the heat

Hair drying, straightening and curling with electric heated rollers or even washing your hair with hot water can damage your hair, causing it to become dry, frizzy, split ends, and easily to fall.

Hair damaged from chemicals

Using products that contain chemicals such as coloring, straightening, perm, or some styling products can damage your hair as these chemicals can damage the keratin in the hair and irritate the scalp.

Hair damaged by pollution

Air pollution, both PM 2.5 and exhaust fumes from car pipes are 20 times smaller than the hair follicle,and those can penetrate to the hair shaft layer, causing the hair to gradually become fragile, dry, damaged, making the scalp losing the balance, including slowing down hair growth as well.

Today I have some recipes for making your hair soft and beautiful that can be easily done at home to share. This can be used by both women and men.

  • Coconut oil
coconut oil

Apply coconut oil all over the scalp and hair ends, let it sit for 15 minutes, then rinse it off. Do it twice a week. Coconut oil is a great source of antioxidant vitamin A so it helps hair and scalp return to moisture, not dry and damaged.

  • Egg + Yogurt
egg and yogurt

Mix the egg yolks with yogurt and marinate the ends of your hair for 20 minutes. Do this weekly. Egg yolks and yogurt are good sources of protein that can help repair hair for strength and add more lift to the hair.

  • Kaffir lime
kaffir lime

Burn the kaffir lime fruit to soften it, then squeeze the juice and use it to marinate over the scalp and leave it for 5-10 minutes. We often find that kaffir lime is used as one of the ingredients in shampoos that have anti-dandruff effect. In addition to helping to solve dandruff problem, kaffir lime can also help to make our hair shine as well.

  • Beer

Beer is not just an alcoholic drink for hanging out with friends, it can also be used as a hair treatment. Beer will condition the hair, making your hair shine and have more flexibility. Just marinate beer all over the head for 20-30 minutes. This recipe will help make hair soft and have more lift as well.

You see, the hair treatment recipes can be easily done at home. Anyone of young women and men who wants to have soft, beautiful, and not frizzy hair, you guys can’t miss out on trying these at-home hair treatment recipes!