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Kemist - What should I do with the hair loss problem

What should I do with the hair loss problem?

Although the nature of hair is created and lost over time, human nature still doesn’t understand and find various ways to make those hairs stay with us for a very long time. Though the hair has to fall out, which it is that is called too much and we must hurry to take care of it urgently. Well, first of all, we need to understand the cycle of hair before anything else.

Human hair is divided into 3 phases:

hair growth cycle
  •        Growth Phase (Anagen) – is determined by genetics. The longer the hair follicles can stay in this phase, the longer the hair can grow and it takes up 90% of the area on the head.
  •        Growth Stop Phase (Catagen) – This is a period that lasts only 2-3 weeks. During this phase, the hair follicles will shrink, causing the hair to be pushed up in preparation for the next phase.
  •        Fall Phase (Telogen) – 10% of our hairs fall out during this phase, on average about 100 strands a day, or up to 200 strands on the day of shampooing. If anyone has hair loss per day no more than this, you can feel at ease.

What kind of hair fall is called hair loss condition?

At this point, we must first observe the initial symptoms by ourselves, for example:

Observe hair loss each time – whenever you comb your hair, brush your hair, or tie your hair up and you have more than 50 to 100 strands of hair loss on your hands per day, there is a possibility that you are already at risk of hair loss.

Try pulling your hair – if the method of observation isn’t clear enough. Let’s try to pull our own hair by dividing the hair into small bunches, about 50-60 strands, and then gently pulling. If more than 15-20 strands of hair fall out, it means that your roots are now very weak. There is a high risk of thinning hair condition and needs urgent care.

hair fall

Tips on how to protect, manage, and treat hair loss / thinning hair:

  • If your hair loss is found to be abnormal, you should immediately consult a medical professional to determine the exact cause of the hair loss first, and from there you can find a solution to the problem.
  • Use medications or serums that contain 5-α-reductase inhibitors, which cause the production of the hormone DHT that causes genetic hair loss which can be called a treatment that is right on the root cause of hair loss.
  • In case your body is deficient in vitamins, you can take vitamins that nourish your hair such as biotin, zinc, etc.
  • Use Low-Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) to help stimulate the hair roots and make the hair look thicker as well.
  • Hair transplant is the last option for people who have hair loss problems or thinning hair to the point of baldness. Hair transplant is to move the strong hair roots from the back of your head to implant into the problem area.

Now that you know that there might be a risk of hair loss, now it’s time to step into the treatment process. I believe that many people probably already know what to do, whether it is a hair treatment with herbs, avoiding colouring, straightening, perming, or taking growth medicines, and more. But wouldn’t it be better to have a helper in treating hair loss problems like Kemist Labs Botanical Derived Scalp Serum that is packed with natural extracts like red clover, Zinc PCA, an innovation from France?

Two active ingredients also inhibit enzymes 5-α-reductase which is one of the causes of the production of the hormone DHT that causes hair loss and thinning hair. It also contains pea sprouts and many other plants, along with extracts from marine plankton that help restore hair deeply at the cellular level, reduce hair loss, strengthen hair roots, restore youthfulness that helps the hair to look thicker naturally.

It also helps reduce oiliness, reduce inflammation, balance the blood flow around the scalp, keeping both your hair roots and scalp healthy at the same time.

Hair loss problems, if it’s left untreated for too long, it could become even more of a problem for your personality and future treatment. You should take care of your hair today before balding finds you.