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5 popular hairstyles for men with thinning hair

Thinning hair and wide foreheads are something that every man must be concerned about because it not only makes the face look older, but also reduces the confidence even more for men with thinning hair, hair loss, wide forehead, or receding patterns until it is in an M shape. Whether it’s because of heredity, stress, or various diseases, it can cause quite an anxiety. Finding hairstyles for men with thinning hair that match the shape of your face and head can help you look your best and boost your confidence.

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In this article, Kemist has compiled 5 popular hairstyles to help camouflage those who have thinning hair problems, wide forehead, and M-shaped receding hairline to make the hair look thick and have more volume to bring back the confidence with a new look that looks better. What are those hairstyles? Let’s check it out!

Curtain Haircut

hairstyles for men with thinning hair

A very popular hairstyle in the 90s, the Curtain Haircut is ideal for those with an M-shaped hairline, as the parted hair can easily camouflage the receding area. For those who don’t like to have bangs, and want to comb back to show their foreheads, this hairstyle is one of the best options for you.

Two Block

two block : hairstyles for men with thinning hair

If the Curtain Haircut was a hit in the ’90s, Two Block is the trendiest hairstyle of this era. It is a hairstyle that goes well with the faces of Asian men, with the sides and back are trimmed and shaved, while the hair on top is left long and styled loosely to match the shape of the head with the front bangs as well. This hairstyle makes the hair look thicker instantly. If anyone doesn’t want to be out of trend go for this Two Block haircut because it also helps to camouflage thinning areas as well.


mullet hairstyle for men

Modern Mullet hairstyles that are more modern, suitable for people who like medium-length hair and your hair in the front is starting to thin out, with the sides cutting shorter, but is longer at the  back at about the length of neck. You can also have bangs at the front or do the parting in the middle to make it more charming.

Long front

long front

If you have an M-shaped receding hairline with thinning hair, how about having bangs and growing sides hair a bit longer? So you can cover the hairline with the bangs then you can style it as messy look or cutting the bangs a bit above the eyebrows into curvy shape to get it styled easier. Just like this, you’ll become a hot young man. This haircut also helps to camouflage thinning hair to make it look thicker as well.


skin head thinning hair

You can say that it is the most popular hairstyle of all time. The skinhead hairstyle uses clippers to shave the hair equally short across the head or you can keep it a little longer as well. With this hairstyle is a short hairstyle, so you won’t see much hair and you don’t see how thick and thin the hair is, making the problem of thinning hair or the wide forehead look unnoticeable. Skinheads are cool hairstyles that are easy to maintain. Men who don’t have problems with thinning hair also like to cut their hair in a skinhead style as well.

We hope that the idea of choosing a hairstyle by Kemist will help out you guys to have more confidence.

hairstyles for men with thinning hair

However, cutting hair to camouflage thinning hair, or a wide forehead is not a solution to the root cause. So it’s important to remember to keep the scalp and hair healthy with the use of serum to nourish the scalp regularly.

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With active ingredients like Red Clover that inhibits 5α-reductase, which is the cause of hereditary hair loss, while Arnica Flower and Zinc PCA reduce inflammation, and oil control which are the causes of hair loss, as well as Arginine, which increases blood and nutrients to the hair roots, also the Organic Pea Sprout, which increases the number of hair in the growth phase and reduces the hair loss during the hair loss phase.